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À La Carte Items

À la carte items are services available to Chamber members that are not included as part of the membership, but may be purchased by members on an on-going basis.

Sponsorship Opportunities - Open to Non-Members
The Chamber has various fundraising events throughout the year, from scramble golf to cooking competitions to wine tastings, and each one is a perfect chance to get your business name in front of hundreds of people per year. We offer several different sponsorship levels for each event to work around your business' own budget. Additionally, there are non-monetary avenues you can take to get your name out there, such as donating items to our goodie bags, raffles, or auctions. For more information about sponsorships, contact us.

Deskbook Directory Advertising
Members may purchase advertising space in the annual Deskbook Directory. Ad sizes range in size, location, and pricing - there's an ad for every budget. Advertising space is sold on a first-come, first serve basis. 3,500 copies produced and distributed annually. Contact April for more information.

Official Town of Manchester Street Map
Open to all local businesses, not just Chamber members, our street map makes getting around town and finding the right area business to satisfy your needs all too simple. Advertising space comes in varying sizes, with Chamber member discounts, particularly those advertising within the Directory in the same year. Contact April for more information.

Website & Monthly Event Calendar Advertising
Welcome to our new, mobile responsive website! This streamlined site makes it easier for members and the public alike to find the type of businesses they want, but the best way to reach a new customer is by being present on more than just the listing page. Get your company logo on the Chamber's home page and be the first thing your potential client sees. Additionally, members may advertise on the Chamber's monthly event calendar, which is linked to each Monday and printed for new members to use. For more information on both items, please contact us.

Weekly Newsletter & Exclusive Email Advertising
The Lowdown is the Chamber's weekly email received by our 1,000+ contacts to inform them of the week's events. All Chamber members have the opportunity to use our The Lowdown for advertising space to promote that you're hiring, holding an upcoming sale, hosting a non-Chamber event, or whatever you like. This method of advertising is text only; we cannot add images or link to pdfs using this format. However, we also have the option of Exclusive Email advertising, which allows Chamber members to design a full email with as many images and/or pdf links as you desire. Members are able to schedule the time and date their exclusive goes out in addition to choosing their own subject line. The Lowdown, text-only advertising costs $50, while Exclusive Emails cost $150. For both options, please contact us for assistance.

Mailing Labels
Members who want to do their own direct mailing to the Chamber's mailing list may purchase a set of address labels. You will be asked to fax the Chamber office a copy of your mailing prior to receiving the labels. The Chamber will not provide mailing labels on disc. Cost $60 for full set of contacts, $40 for main rep labels only. Contact us for specific details.

Business Referral Groups
Held twice monthly, Business Referral Groups (BRGs) are industry specific, non-competitive, and are great networking opportunities. See the BRG page for more information.

Health/Dental, Home & Auto Insurance
Contact us for a referral to a qualified chamber insurance agent with plans designed for members.


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